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Get to Know Us: Blaze of Glory 5K

10/13/2022 | More News

Blaze of Glory

Who we are:
We provide fire and rescue services to the community. We are a 501c nonprofit. Fire Tax funds only cover 48% of our income, so we use fundraisers to bring in the other 52%. The Blaze of Glory race is our largest fundraiser each year. Donations through our fund drive letter or just donations from the community's kindness provide the balance. The largest misconception hindering our fundraising efforts is that many community members are unaware that volunteers provide fire and rescue services. Most believe that we are paid by their taxes and employed by the towns where we live. We also perform fire prevention demonstrations at two elementary schools, one middle school, one private school, and many childcare facilities during the year. We are present at business openings and township events as well.

On average, how many fire calls did Plumsteadville Fire Company respond to each year?
On average, we run 350 fire calls a year.

How many volunteer fire members does Plumsteadville Fire Company have?
We have 45 all volunteer members of the fire company.

How many years has there been the Blaze of Glory race?
2022 was our 15th year.

How did you come up with the name Blaze of Glory?
In 2017 the name was changed to Blaze of Glory to emphasize that the fire company was solely in charge of the race, and all of the proceeds would go to the fire company. Who doesn't want to finish in a Blaze of Glory?

What inspired you to have the Blaze of Glory race?
The race started as a joint fundraiser with the Groveland Elementary School HAS to foster community involvement with the kids and parents of Groveland Students.

Charlie, have you always been the Blaze of Glory Race Director?
I am the second race director taking over from Chrissy Grube, who started the race.

Tell us a little bit about you - years of volunteering as a firefighter.
I have been a member of the Plumsteadville Volunteer Fire Company for 24 years and currently serve as a driver operator of fire trucks.

What have you done with the proceeds from the previous races?
Over 15 years, the Blaze of Glory race has raised over $131,000 towards the construction of a new firehouse at route 611 and Ferry Road.

What are your goals going forward?
Future proceeds of the race will go towards renovations at our main fire station where the race is hosted. We would love to grow the participation of kids in our first alarm fun run.

Any funny or noteworthy highlights from previous races?
As the first race of the Bucks 5K Series, we have experienced snow, freezing cold, rain, and occasionally a beautiful day for running. This has not stopped the runners, and we are very grateful for that. We have added food and beverages for pre and post-race enjoyment and will continue to grow this. The first alarm fun run has been a color run for the last two years. The kids throwing the color at the runners come back with more color than the runners. Everyone seems to have a good time with it.

Any changes we can expect for 2023?
We are promoting local businesses to register teams of runners with some prizes for the winning team. There is now a sidewalk at the corner of 611 and Stump Road to ease the walk for that parking at our off-site parking areas.

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