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Bookin for Lookin Raffle Winners

04/27/2021 | More News

Enjoy your award and thank you for supporting the Bookin’ for Lookin’ Foundation and our mission to aid those with visual impairments! Through your participation, we were able to raise thousands of dollars for our Foundation supporting both the Bucks County Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Thank you!

If you have a winning ticket, check your email for a message “Bookin’ for Lookin’ 5K Raffle Results!

PlaceWinning TicketPrize
1st Place19$75 gift certificate to Rocco's at the Brick
2nd Place22$50 gift certificate to Athletic Shoe Shop
3rd Place41$50 gift certificate to Harvest Seasonal Grill
4th Place49$50 gift certificate to Harvest Seasonal Grill
5th Place14$50 gift certificate to Tre Fratelli
6th Place68$25 gift certificate to Snipes USA
7th Place21$25 gift certificate to Athletic Shoe Shop
8th Place84Bookin' for Lookin' hoodie
9th Place61Bookin' for Lookin' hoodie
10th Place29Bookin' for Lookin' commemorative tshirt

Check out the full results from the 2021 Bookin' for Lookin' 5K race!

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