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2021 Bucks 5K Series FAQ

03/03/2021 | More News

We know you all have lots of questions about registration in 2021, how we're going to keep runners safe at the events, and how you can support the races. We've compiled many of your questions and will keep adding to these as runners ask more.

How does registration work this year?
Deferred 2020 Runner: If you registered in 2020 we’ll be reaching out to you directly with instructions on how to transfer your registration to this year. Instructions should be emailed to you by 2/26/2021. If you run into issues with your vouchers after the 26th please email us at [email protected]

New Runners/Walkers: Super quick and easy! New participants can register online only by visiting We are not offering Full Series registration in 2021 (all 7 races at a discounted rate) due to the change in race structure, you will need to register for each race you wish to run in. We hope to return our regular full Series registration next spring.

Fun Run: There is only one Fun Run this year at the Doylestown 5K Race. Registration is only available online.

I’m not sure I’m comfortable running in a crowd but I still want to support the Bucks 5K Series. What are my options?
Each of the 6 races are offering a virtual run option so you can still participate wherever you like to run! Each race raises money for a 501c3 nonprofit and would be honored to receive a donation to help them raise funds for their causes. Most races are also looking for volunteers to help safely put on the race!

When does registration close?
Registration for each race closes one week prior to the race date. There will be no race day registrations this year. If you’re thinking about racing, register early so you don’t miss out!

What safety measures are being taken this year?
We will be following all CDC, state, and local guidelines on the number of attendees, masking, social distancing, and event preparations. Masks will be required in all race areas including registration, port-o-potties, start line, and others. You may remove your mask once the race has started and should plan to keep it on your person for when you cross the finish line. Volunteers and race personnel will also be required to wear masks and maintain social distancing wherever possible. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have traveled recently we recommend you stay home.

How are we social distancing during the race?
Start “line” replaced by a grid - runners stand on marked spots at 6 feet spacing and runners/walkers will be allowed to start every 5 - 10 seconds, 3 - 4 runners wide or in waves. If you have immediate family members that you live with, you can start together. Specific instruction on starting procedures will be emailed to all registrants prior to the events. During the race runners will be asked to adhere to a “no drafting” rule meaning they must maintain a 6 feet separation from runners they pass or are passed by. Be courteous to your fellow runners. Races will not have a post-race party.

What happens if you have to cancel a race?
We will be adhering to all local and state guidelines for hosting safe in-person events this year. In the unfortunate event of needing to cancel due to the COVID-19 pandemic your registration would be considered a donation to the 501c3 nonprofits and is nonrefundable.

What else should I know about racing this year?
Registration for the in-person races and virtual races are online only. No race day registration will be available. Most races will not have water stations located throughout the racecourse, you should make plans to bring water with you for your run. Check with your race prior to race day to be sure of their plans.

Can I switch my registration from virtual to in-person before a race?
Unfortunately no, we are not allowing runners/walkers to switch from virtual to in-person.

What if I don’t want to run a virtual race?
Deferred 2020 Runner: Simple, you don’t have to or you can transfer your credits to a friend or family member. Series awards will only be based on your in-person race times this year.

New Runner/Walker: You've got this! Two of our races are only offering a virtual run, make sure when you are purchasing your registration that you only select the races you want to run in.

What does it mean to run a virtual race?
Running a Virtual 5K Race means that you run any 3.1 mile (5K) course of your liking during a set window of time. Races will be mailing out shirts to registered virtual runners the week of the race, many may also send race bibs to add to your collection. Most of the races will be featuring runners on their social media pages using hashtags.

Where can I find my time after I run an in-person race?
Your race time will be emailed and texted to you after completing the race. Usually within one hour. Race results will not be posted at the events.

Am I still eligible to win an award if I run virtually?
No, only in-person race times will be eligible for Race and Series Awards.

If my child is running a race but you don’t want spectators how should I handle this?
To help us maintain social distancing and minimize the spread of COVID-19, we are asking all runners to make a plan for meet-up areas away from the finish and start lines. We would suggest speaking with the race directly if there are designated areas for runner family member meeting zones.

How will the Series awards work this year?
Series awards will be based on the four (4) in-person races with the first overall men and women (in each) race will receive overall series points in the overall series standings. The first seven (7) men and women in each age group (in each race) will receive age group series points in the age group series standings. The total points accumulated in the four (4) races will determine the championships – overall and age group. There will be no series awards for the virtual races.

How will I get my award from the races?
Runners will be notified by the individual race prior to the event of mailing options and local runners may be able to pick up their awards at a date following the race. Stay tuned!

How will I get my award from the Series?
We’re hoping to have a small, socially distant awards ceremony following the last in-person race but will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation to determine if that is safe to do.

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